Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills ISDE - FC Barcelona






    12 months




    Full Time


The selection process developed by ISDE aims to ensure the uniformity of the participants’ level in order to allow them all to perform a similar work rate adapted to the program requirements.

Once a candidate has expressed his/her wish to apply for a position in one of ISDE’s Masters and therefore has submitted to ISDE a pre-requested set of personal data, a coordinator within ISDE’s Department of Admissions will be assigned to the candidate. This professional will be the in charge of the following-up along the whole admission process providing the candidate of any requested information as well as solving any doubt that may arise.

The stages of the admission process are the following:

Phase 1: REQUEST

The candidate must complete the online application form
Once the application has been sent, a coordinator will request the rest of the documentation, in case you have not already included it in the online application form, for the correct formalization of your application. You can send it to

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Letter of motivation
  3. A copy of your university degree
  4. Your academic record
  5. At least one and preferably two letters of recommendation from people who know the candidate in a professional or academic context.


After all of the documentation that makes up the candidature is supplied and it is determined that the candidate meets the minimum standards required, they will then be invited to take a series of written and oral tests.

It takes place at the headquarters of the ISDE, where the candidate will be cited for the written and oral tests in a single session.

Written tests:
  1. Psychometric test
  2. Test of legal knowledge and skills
  3. English language level test

Once these tests are completed, the candidate will have a personal interview with a member of the admissions department covering their academic and professional history so far.

After the personal interview there will be a tribunal composed of a member of the ISDE management and two members of the master's academic committee. This will evaluate the candidate's technical knowledge on subjects related to the contents of the master's program, as well as interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

Both during the personal interview and the tribunal, the candidate is expected to speak in either Spanish or English.


The admissions committee meets twice a month to evaluate all of the applications received, therefore the candidates will quickly know the result of their application for a master's place.

If the admissions committee feels the need they may request additional documentation from candidates in order to clarify certain aspects of their academic or professional history.


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