Master in Derivatives






    9 months




    Part time (Friday and Saturday)


The goal of the Master in Derivatives program is to help increase knowledge and competency levels in the field of derivatives among professionals serving derivatives markets, financial institutions, financial advisory firms, tied agents of investment firms, and the general public with an undergraduate degree in Economic or Laws/Business Administration.


The program is designed to get the Series 3 National Commodity Futures Exam (NCFE). The Series 3 exam—the National Commodities Futures Examination—is a National Futures Association (NFA) exam administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  For grading purposes, the Series 3 in divided into two major categories: Market/Technical knowledge and Rules and Regulations. You will be required to pass both sections with a score of 70% on each part in one sitting.

Financial institutions, financial advisory firms, tied agents of investment firms dealing with clients in futures and/or futures options must not only have a strong conceptual understanding of these products, but also be thoroughly familiar with the mechanics of futures trading, the regulatory issues involved in opening and maintaining futures accounts, margin requirements, delivery considerations and risk, tax implications of trading futures and, finally significant standards of conduct. It is these topics upon which the Master in Derivatives is focused. 

Why should you choose the Master in Derivatives?

  • Prestige and international recognition

  • Faculty formed by the most outstanding professionals

  1. You will find that you have broadened your knowledge and skills in ways that you might not have imagined.
  2. You will have challenged yourself as well.
  3. And, you will be a better professional in the field of derivatives markets, and a better risk manager.



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