Master in Corporate Finance & Business Law






    350 hours






The Master in Corporate Finance and Business Law responds to a strong demand by the market and is designed to be compatible with the professional activity or with another training program, providing a complete, intensive, multidisciplinary and international knowledge of legal and financial concepts and practices applicable to corporate operations, integrating the accounting, commercial, legal and tax aspects. With the objective of designing corporate acquisitions and mergers, investment and divestment operations and financing, etc. obtaining also a solid formation in company law and corporate taxation, preparing the student for the main firms and consultants since the program is developed with professionals in active and on the base of real operations and with a totally practical approach that will make the student specialize.

Máster en Corporate Finance - ISDE


Master in Corporate offers the essential legal, financial and fiscal knowledge of capital companies, corporate operations and corporate finance, to advise and plan operations for corporate groups, listed companies or family members. Likewise, it offers information on the latest legislative and case law that affect them through the analysis of operations and actual cases and commented on by practitioners who perform some of the most relevant operations to convert students into authentic specialists in Corporate.

The growing complexity of corporate operations coupled with the strong demand for specialization means that the need for training in this field is today, more than ever, an unquestionable fact.

Why should you choose this program?

  • International prestige and recognition

  • 95%

    Labour insertion rate

  • ISDE Alumni employment exchange

  1. You will acquire multidisciplinary knowledge on legal and financial concepts from the banking and corporate world: sales and sales, taxation, mergers, financing or investments.
  2. You will understand the language and the economic and business functioning of the corporate operations necessary to be able to make good advice.
  3. The program is approached from the practical experience of the faculty, professionals in first class assets and recognized solvency with which you will solve practical cases of the day to day.
  4. You can reconcile your studies with the rest of your activities as the classes take place on Friday afternoons and on Saturday mornings.
  5. We prepare you intensively and eminently practical for a market demanded as the Corporate that will allow you to access offices and companies of the first national and international level through a differential and practical training.
  6. A career advisor will help you chart your career and your curriculum vitae will become part of the ISDE ALUMNI job placement.