M&A in the USA




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This week course considers the law of mergers and acquisitions in the United States—that is, the rules that govern the combination of business enterprises under American law.

Curso de Merge and Acquisitions en USA - Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía


It begins with basic background in U.S. corporate law, including why economic actors use corporations to pursue business affairs, how the separation of ownership and control of the corporation gives rise to agency costs, how shareholder voting to elect the corporation’s directors influences those costs, and the fiduciary duties of directors under Delaware law, the dominant source of state corporate law in the United States.

Why should you choose the M&A Course in USA from ISDE?

  • Prestige and international recognition

  • 100%

    Approved in the test of access to the profession of lawyer

  • More than 200 associated offices at national and international level

  1. Lectures will be given by Robert J. Jackson, a Professor of Law who has testified about his work before the U.S. Senate and whose research has been the subject of rulemaking commentary before several federal agencies. Moreover, Law School students honored Jackson with the Willis L.M. Reese Prize for Excellence in Teaching.  
  2. You will learn the basic background in U.S. corporate law, as well as about mergers and acquisitions and the typical structure and regulation of those transactions under American law.