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This course is aimed at fulfilling the requirements of professionals and law students to incorporate English and an understanding of the Anglo legal systems into their areas of work. Lawyers are increasingly coming into contact with professionals from other countries, which often makes it necessary to work with all types of legal documents in English and to use such language as a form of written and spoken communication in the specialized area of law. 

Curso de inglés jurídico - legal english course ISDE


The objective of the legal English course is to acquire the basic foundations necessary to carry out work in English and to also gain insight into and an understanding of the English and American legal systems. Students shall have the opportunity to use articles from the press, specific vocabulary exercises, different types of contract models and case studies in order to help them achieve a better understanding of vocabulary and use of legal concepts and expressions that they may come across in a legal environment.

Why should you choose the ISDE Legal English Course?

  • More than 200 firms and associates worldwide

  • Prestige and international recognition

  • 100%

    Approved in the access test to the practice of the legal profession

  1. You will learn the essentials of legal English from the top market professionals.
  2. You will be able to study online with full flexibility in a tailored course that will be shaped around the needs of the students.
  3. You will develop the skills required to work in an international market and with English speaking clients.
  4. You will expand your knowledge by learning a different system of law.