Global Master in Cybersecurity






    12 months






As companies grow globally and introduce new technologies, their security vulnerabilities also increase. Information that used to be kept internally now flows through different levels and devices, which obviously increases exposure to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

This situation implies new challenges for lawyers, managers, engineers and others, who need to be familiar with any developments on the legal aspects of this new reality.

The Global Master in Cybersecurity provides comprehensive training on major elements of cybersecurity, both from a legal and technical perspective. A complete program with the best professionals, allowing our students to acquire the skills required to work in this new environment.

Máster Global en Ciberseguridad - ISDE


The main objective of this program is to educate and train lawyers and business professionals seeking greater expertise on a wide variety of cybersecurity matters including, but not limited to, cyber threats and vulnerabilities, related “best practices” (technical, personnel, and policy solutions), privacy matters, cyber terrorism and warfare, and relevant legislation and regulation. 

All Global Master in Cybersecurity students will be invited to enroll in a separate Certificate in Privacy and Data Security program that ISDE is launching with Georgetown University.

Why should you choose the Online Masters in ISDE Cybersecurity?

  • Prestige and international recognition

  • Faculty formed by the most outstanding professionals of the world of the Cybersecurity

  • ISDE has more than 200 offices and associated companies at an international level

  1. Lawyers need to be familiar with any developments made on the legal aspects of cybersecurity.
  2. Deloitte is directly involved in this program providing guidance, expertise and senior lecturers.
  3. You will be able to study online with full flexibility in a tailored course that will be shaped around the needs of the students.



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