Business Foundation Program




    29th October 2018


    30th June 2018


    32 weeks without including holidays




    Full Time

Our Business Foundation program serves the purpose of an introduction to Business administration and commercial activities in general. Giving the adequate tools and skills that the pupil requires to implement in their professional and personal life.

This course is also designed so the candidate receives support in vocational orientation in order to lead them to the specialized area of business that they could be more interested.

The academic program covers general aspects as: principles in research and analysis, introduction to computer science, design and IT, improvement of interpersonal skills, etc. that are common and applicable to any field of study and useful for any professional career.

The specific content in the Business field, has been specifically chosen, to serve the practical usability of that knowledge in todays globalized and evolving business world.

This course it also aims to contribute in the training and support on personal brand development. Providing with the tools and steps that the student must follow to build up their personal brand and improve their digital image. Monitoring the progress, giving appropriate feedback and teaching the student to optimize and readjust their strategy if necessary.

In order to prepare the student for the Business & sophisticated world ahead we’ll provide with training in Protocol, Business Etiquette & Dress Code.

A short introduction to KAIZEN it will be also provided. This technic is based on the “continuous improvement” and it seeks to help to work in a way that systematically pursues to achieve incremental changes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

This style of complete education which includes, academics, extra-curricular activities and personality development as a part of the curriculum make this course a multidimensional program available in few universities.

Thanks to the collaboration that we have with one of our master's degrees, together with FC Barcelona, we have sufficient resources to offer several visits during the course, discounts on tickets and merchandising.

Optional one week in Oxford, Cambridge & Columbia (price to be consulted)

 Why should you choose this program?

  1. To experience studying in an international high quality academic environment, with an innovative methodology that enhances both your personal and professional development. Which includes in its curriculum extra academic activities and sports that have been proven to increase the student’s abilities and skills in their academic and professional life.
  2. To acquire a general but extensive image of Business in general, with a practical and global approach. Developing the skills and competences associated with the development of any business activity
  3. This particular program has been designed practically, tailor made for students coming from abroad, and specially GCC countries, thus promotes the adaptation of the student to an international academic system. Includes facilities such as a qualified generic tutor from Arab background to closely assist the students at all times, besides health insurance and accommodation.
  4. To obtain a certification from a worldwide prestigious Business and Law school that ranks as one of the bests in its field. In its campus in Barcelona, city that is renowned for student’s activities and naturally offers one of the best weather conditions in Europe throughout the year.
  5. The advantage to visit one of the most important clubs in the world: FC Barcelona, and obtaining discounts on match tickets and merchandising.



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