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An educational institution born in the heart of Lawyers

ISDE (Superior Institute of Law and Economics) is an educational institution born in the heart of the legal profession itself.

In February 1992, representatives of major national and international firms met to discuss the creation of an academic institution, intended solely to legal education of the highest level. It was necessary in Spain for the first time, appeared a teaching center also train professionals and recent graduates, was able to incorporate sufficient guarantees and automatically to the best firms, thus covering the needs and demands required by the own offices.

With this mission comes the ISDE, soon standing at the head of other legal training centers.

historia isde profesorado
fundacion isde 1992

The foundation of ISDE (Institute of Law and Economics), had as its main purpose to help complete the training of law graduates, with the aim of achieving lawyers contribute to society with excellent preparation. Lawyers able to respond with professionalism and honesty to the very high demands made the exercise of this noble profession in different specialties.

That goal has been performing successfully for over fifteen years from training programs designed for practicing professionals and thanks to the collaboration ISDE received from the legal profession, universities, associations and professional bodies, national and international institutions and especially through the efforts of students and teachers.

The ISDE has grown and with it its educational offerings and commitment to participate in the preparation of professionals who have important responsibilities in the legal and economic contemporary society.

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