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Sports Law in Motion - ISDE


This initiative is a highlight of the training programs offered by the ISDE in the area of Sport Law. It is a unique opportunity to become part of an intensive program which organizes one of the most prestigious institutions in Spain such as ISDE, at Lausanne.

It consists on a study visit to the Maison du Sport International, FIFA, UEFA, TAS, IOC, ECA, the Olympic Museum and Bär & Karrer AG.

Why should you choose this program?

  1. You will visit some of the word-leading sport associations and institutions, along with other students and professionals who are experts in this field. You will also get a close view of the main sports stakeholders
  2. To start your professional career you first need to acquire practical knowledge and the correct application of it. This can only be learned in centers, like ISDE, which are in contact with the local and international leading law firms and sport institutions.
  3. You will learn to think globally and you will understand why the practice of law is becoming more international as many law issues involve international elements.


Application deadline: Open